AI-After Life is an exploration of the life, death and after-life of artificial lifeforms in the form of a realtime simulation game. The life-form flock around in their world and the simulation was implemented on a touch table called TacTile at EVL. This project is a software prototype for a bigger proposal which involved three projection areas inspired by works like Christine Sugrue's Delicate Boundaries and Zach Lieberman's Funky Forest.


AI-AfterLife was a proposal for my Arts Thesis Research. I wanted to create a multi-user collaborative and interactive game in a physical space. There were three screens involved: The Life Screen, The AfterLife Screen and the Passover screen/area. There would be two different simulations happening in realtime in the life and after-life screens, much like a real-time simulation game. The users would interact with the environment from the floor projection based third screen where the actual migration of life forms takes place.


Of the various references about life, death and after-life which can be modeled in a game I started listing out some verbs [ cremating, burying, sending off, celebrating, mummifying, lifting, walking, keening, mourning resurrecting ] and nouns [ ashes, scaffolds, coffins, funerals, lykewake, bokola, veikanikani, log coffins, mummy ] based on various cultural beliefs of life, death and afterlife. Thus, helping the idea evolve into gameplay elements.


This is the software prototype of the life screen which I finished during the course of that semester. I wrote this in Processing on TacTile, the touchtable at EVL.