Geocache-A-Forest is a project I undertook during my MFA degree for a social space DIY kit construction project. Geocaching is a fun activity where members of the consortium, hide and seek caches (which are boxes that are hidden physically and geocoded online). My kit adds another activity for environmentally conscious members of this community wherein they trade ‘tree seeds’ instead of normal objects usually traded in the cache. Moreover, it allows them to hide more caches at locations where these seeds are planted to become trees. These caches become more like a landmark always available in the site for people to seek them as long as they are maintained well by the owners.


The kit itself is a normal cache available from the website. The complete instructions and DIY construction steps are given at this instructable:

Geocache-A-Forest DIY Kit - More DIY How To Projects

The crux of the kit is to get the user up to speed about preparing the seeds for the cache. Choosing the right tree seeds and providing instructions for planting the current seed in the cache. For the first cache I chose the Japanese Maple that might do well in regions around Illinois. The cache seekers simply trade seeds when they find the cache or just go find the cache for the fun of it keeping close to the tradition of There were concerns of making sure the seeds that are traded through the cache and will be addressed in the form of instructions in the cache itself.

Featured at Treehugger

This kit was featured at - FEATURE

"Geocaching can be a great green activity, and the people running the website have always stressed being aware of the environment. Cache In, Trash Out is a mantra for geocachers who head off into the wildnerness or even urban settings in search of little treasure chests. Another important part of the green thinking is keeping caches well maintained so that they don't become a trash source. But what about the contents themselves? Geocaching could become a reforestation project, and one DIY thinker has come up with a brilliant idea for just how to do that.

Instructables user rrarunan created a whole new idea for geocaching kit contents that doesn't simply follow a leave-no-mark philosophy but rather a leave-a-positive-mark philosophy. "

- Jaymi Heimbuch

Thanks Jaymi!

The Kit

Geocache-A-Forest - The Kit

The project was first underway when I hid the cache during March-April 2010. But, then I had to take it down and consequently archive it because of permission issues. I'm planning to replant the cache as soon as I get some time and an optimal location.

The Seeds

Geocache-A-Forest - The Seeds