ProtoSky was a collaborative art installation at the UIC Innovation Center proposed and realized in the span of 4 weeks during the Smart Art class in the Fall of 2009. The group had 4 Graduate Students and 4 Undergraduate Students working under Prof. Drew Browning, to create a ceiling based art installation which could also serve as an exhibition space for artists who want to compose work for an array of 50 RGB Ultrabright LEDs. I was responsible for the software which drives this array which was written in Arduino IDE. The LEDs are called ‘MegaBrites’ and are made and sold by The wiring, installation and fabrication was an awesome group effort. In the end we realized the project on time and had a wonderful experience building it.
Arduino MegaBrites Pd (pureData)

Super Bright LED Ceiling

Proto-Sky is a ceiling composed of an array of around 60 super bright LEDs called MegaBrites(available from macetech). It was a collaborative student project proposed and implemented for the UIC Innovation Center at Chicago under Prof. Drew Browning.

ProtoSky - Greened Out


The programming for the LED array was based on the Arduino SPI Control Register (SPCR) and used a method devised by the manufacturers of the MegaBrite LEDs. The color and intensity data for the LEDs are shifted out to the daisy chained LEDs which act like 32-bit shift registers. The data is transferred to the LEDs in a simple clock/data/latch format and the PWM registers are loaded with this data. The module uses Allegro's A6281 LED Driver.

ProtoSky - Programming

Protosky - Screens - 1

Protosky - Screens - 2