Spiropticity is a 3D modeled city created in Maya. It is inspired by fractals in general and my obsession to create cityscape environments. The models were created entirely in Maya with some coding in nodebox for generating the fractal paths which were then imported as paths in Illustrator and then converted into 3D models in Maya by extrusion.Mental Ray is used for the rendering along with some custom shaders.
Maya 2009

Initial city layout plan ideas

>> Decided on a spiral pattern of living/green futuristic buildings interconnected with a spiral transit network
>> Researched other fractal patterns of laying out cities like this TED talk by Ron Eglash
>> Referred: Connecting the fractal city by Nikos A. Salingaros - article
>> El Helicoide in Caracas is an example of a building that is spiral, as in both structure and plan unlike circular buildings with spiral staircases or parking spaces.

El Helicode

Initial Concept Sketch

Spiropticity Concept Sketch

This rough elevation sketch of the city shows the central spire and clump of buildings connected through a network of spiral transit lines. It is a rough rendering of how the city might have looked during its heydays.

Initial Renders

Initial Renders - Spiropticity

In the first phase of the project I sketched out the environment and started laying out the space. Since, its a landscape I concentrated more on the buildings, networks and skydomes. Finishing the environment took a bit longer than the "Throwing down the Space" assignment where Il just laid out the overall look and feel of the space and started experimenting with different lighting models, camera angles, fog, glow and other environmental effects.

I went for a 'digital set' look. But, I was happy to get an environment with low-poly simple models to which I was adding detailed textures later. The setting was tied in with a sci-fi or futuristic(idealistic) story. Time is the not so far-off future and I experimented with different times of the day and the like once I got the basic environment laid out. More time was spent later detailing the architecture and the layout of the citiscape than on getting living models in there. But, I planned to spend equal time on the transit, lighting and the textures.

Terrain & Final Renders

The final phase involved using the Terrain Generator Tool, L3DT. I got a color map, a elevation map and light map rendered out as textures from the simulated terrain. Created the terrain from the 'heightmap' as depth in Maya. Manually added in the lake landscapes and colored them toxic to represent a devastated city landscape.

Spiropticity - Top View

Spiropticity - Final Render